BC Tax Reviews

Read what our clients have to say about BC Tax.

I hate to only point out the positives here, but I really loved every aspect of working with these guys. Some people complain about their prices or availability, and then they miss out on a chance to work with true tax resolution professionals. I actually went with another firm initially, but I was dissatisfied with their services early on. My taxes needed a lot of work, and they were the only ones who could sort through the mess and reduce the money I had to pay every month. I don’t have a single complaint about the process, other than the fact that I chose someone else first! I will always suggest at least speaking with Bctax before anything else!

S. P. – Indiana

I owed and still owe a lot of money to the IRS in back taxes. That’s no one else’s fault. It’s just something I avoided for a long time and am now suffering the ramifications for. One of the main things I was worried about as a result of my tax debt was the fact that I would lose or have a lien on all my important assets. After a great deal of research and analysis, the guys at BC Tax were able to find a way to protect my home and some of my important bank accounts so I didn’t lose everything. I’m extremely happy with their services.

T. L. – Colorado

There is absolutely no question that BC Tax is one of the more informed, knowledgeable and professional accounting firms I’ve worked with. I’m looking forward to retaining their business development services, as well as establishing core business systems to help grow my business – and sustain existing clients.

C. H. – Michigan

BC Tax will fight for you! If you have a tax problem hire these people they know how to take care of business. They know all the laws and will protect you. The people who collect taxes in CA were so disrespectful to me and made me feel like I was a criminal and I had no choice but to do everything they said. The money they said I owed was wrong and they just thought I was so stupid and scared I would just pay. I hired BC and they explained me my rights and got on the phone to fix the problem right away. Before I knew it my taxes were fixed and I was right after all. I want everybody who reads this to know that these are good people who fight for justice.

M. S. – California

I read the reviews of BC Tax to interview them along with several other firms. Their enthusiasm and interest in helping us not only with our tax returns, but with operational aspects of our business as well was refreshing. I am very pleased to be working with them that I know I can call on any time and get help with tax related issues. They are always willing to research it for me and they respond in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.

J. C. – Nebraska

I have worked with BC Tax LLC for many years now and am delighted by their service. Their technical expertise has saved us lots of money on our taxes. They have become much more than our accountants; they are our friends!

T. S. – Texas

I really just want to say THANK YOU! They helped us with our IRS issue and now everything is back on track and not looming over us.

M. M. – New York

Very good experience. Professional and upfront from the beginning to the end.

J. G. – Florida

I contacted this office based on the reviews and I’m glad I did. The guy I spoke with was very helpful and referred me to another consultant since as an individual, their firm may be overkill. I appreciated his frankness and although he could have certainly taken me on as a client, he was unsure of my budget. I bet they take good care of their business clients!

S. A. – Colorado

In the course of dealing with unusually complicated and potentially expensive tax issues, BC Tax was the one firm of several I contacted who gave straight answers to my questions and was willing and able to help with complex reporting requirements that other tax professionals would not. The team have done a great job on my taxes this year and saved me money and a lot of stress. They are easy to work with, very thorough, keep me in the loop. Highly recommended and will use their services again.

R. B. – Michigan

I spoke to a staff member of BC Tax about a year ago and explained my situation concerning the IRS. After a brief consultation and correspondence, there was a plan implemented that relieved me of the stress of receiving mail from the IRS. Their work on my behalf has saved me more than 58,000.00 dollars. Not to mention the weight off my shoulders. I could not have done this on my own. I would highly recommend that you give BC Tax an opportunity to assist you in resolving your tax matter.

G. S. – Florida

Very pleasant experience here. They turned a stressful situation into something i dont have to worry about anymore. thanks.

S. J. – New Hampshire

My experience with BC Tax was a very positive one, they resolved my tax situation to my satisfaction. I would like to personally thank and recommend my “tax team” for the professional and attentive manner in handling my needs. Thanks Again!

R. W. – Georgia

BC Tax is amazing!!!! As frustrating as “IRS Issues” are, it was so great to know that they had our back. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! They kept us informed through the whole process and I sleep much better at night now.

M. M. – New York

One of the biggest reasons I started looking for tax resolutions is because I thought I was paying way more than I should in past taxes. I spoke with one of the staff members at BC Tax, and he said that they could look over all of my documents and tell me what my options were. When I finally decided to let them do that, they were able to significantly reduce my debt, get rid of my penalties, and set up a payment plan I could keep up with. This is now definitely a step in the right direction.

C. F. – Texas

I find this company very professional and hard working. They have found many errors created by a bad accountant and resolved them very quick. This service is very useful to business owners. I feel like a positive review is warranted for all the accomplishments made on my behalf. I will recommend this service to others in a similar situation.

D. G. – New York

I rarely review businesses, but I felt compelled to review these guys. I reached out to the them, they told me the pricing for what they could do. Of course they couldn’t estimate exactly what they could save me for what i owed but it worked, and I don’t have to stress about it anymore. If you need this kind of help, go with them.

S. G. – California

If you owe California, hire this firm. I’m usually not the kind of guy who hires people over the phone but I’m glad I did. Saved me big bucks and no more scary mail. They make it sound too good to be true but these guys are no joke. The gals on my case did a great job. It was done fast and most importantly I saved more money than I was told I would at the start of it all. I knew I didn’t owe all that money. When the stakes were as high as they were this was a gamble I’m proud to say I took.

P. P. – California

Decided to get some information on a tax issue and was referred here. First thing that I noticed was the really knowledgeable professionals I dealt with, not so much the advice but questions I never thought about asking myself. Fantastic overall experience!

B.W. – Utah

I have to thank BC Tax for saving my life! Had Jay not phoned me immediately after a tax lien was filed against me I would have never known about it since the state had been sending notices to an address I had not lived at for 8 years! As a result of me never responding to them they were at the point of taking everything I own and I would have never even known until I went to the bank and found out my money was seized! As a result of Jay contacting me I was able to get to the tax office in time enough to work it out before they began to levy me. Additionally, Jay has been extremely helpful with all kinds information to assist me in navigating this entire process. They know their stuff and are there to help you. I don’t recommend trying to fight the government on your own! BC Tax will guide you with expert advise every step of the way.

L.P. – Washington

I actually got a random call from them, I think they got my information from the public records, and I’m glad they did because it saved me a ton.

M. R. – North Carolina

This company has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Whenever I call there is someone there to answer or I receive a call back right away. Everyone I have dealt with has been professional and up front (especially about fees) and honest with everything. If you’re looking for help with your taxes and related IRS issues then definitely give them a call today.

D. R. – Colorado

I hadn’t filed or paid taxes in over four years due to some medical issues that came up and I was getting certified letters what seemed like everyday from the state saying they were going to shut down my business. I’ll never forget being at our company Christmas party and wondering with my wife if we were going to be able to have one next year. I’m very fortunate BC Tax called me at the start of the year. The guys there were very understanding of our predicament with my medical issues and struggling finances resulting from them. The team at BC put together a presentation for the state that showed why I couldn’t pay on time and we received a great outcome. I never meant to not pay, I just couldn’t and thankfully the state now gets it and the threats have stopped. Life is finally getting back to normal and I couldn’t be more pleased.

M. G. – Arizona

i’m not good at doing taxes but working with BC Tax was easy and they took care of everything. this is a good company and good people.

J. Y. – South Dakota

BC Tax called me about 2 months ago and even though I was hesitant at first it ended up being a blessing in disguise. I’m usually very reluctant to trust an unsolicited call but the women that I first spoke to was very sweet and explained exactly why she was calling and how the tax professionals at BC Tax could help me. I’m so glad I decided to trust my gut and move forward with them because they saved me a lot of money and made dealing with the IRS so much easier.

R. M. – Kentucky

Very professional, gave me an upfront price on what they would charge. My file required a bit of extra attention, and they took care of everything as expected. It took a little whiel longer than I had anticiapted, but I guess that was due to a delay with the IRS responding to our requests. Overall I’m very happy with the result, I mean it saved me thousands, and espcially since I don’t have to stress about it anymore and can get back to business.

J. O. – Maine