BC Tax Reduces Client’s Liability By 98%

Apr 17

BC Tax Reduces Client’s Liability By 98%

This particular client of ours had an IRS liability stemming from 2006 through 2015 Individual Income Tax that was approximately $66,000. Even though the client had sufficient funds in an investment account to pay the liability in full, the team here at BC Tax went hard to work with the goal to save this client […]

Mar 17

BC Tax Helped Reduce Clients Tax To Just $500

A recent client of BC Tax had a tax lien filed against them for a liability of almost $50,000. With our experience and expertise in tax law and tax resolution, we were able to help the client get compliant with the IRS by completing all their old and missing tax returns with the help of […]

Feb 17

BC Tax Successfully Helps Client Remove IRS Penalties Charges

When our sales department reached out to a recent client, a doctor from Pennsylvania, he was being aggressively levied by the IRS. The taxpayer desperately needed someone experienced in tax resolution to help him get out from underneath the burden he was facing. When he hired BC Tax, LLC he thought he owed roughly $43,000 […]

Feb 17

BC Tax halts IRS collection efforts of over $182,000

One of the senior associates at BC Tax recently succeeded in halting the collection efforts of the IRS for a client that owed over $182,000. Using years of experience and thorough knowledge of local and state laws including IRS and State tax authorities, the team at BC Tax was able to protect all the client’s […]

Nov 16

BC Tax Catches IRS Error to Save Client Over $100K

A client of BC Tax recently received news that they will save over $100K after we found an error the IRS made applying payments the client was making to the wrong periods. This specific client owed over $180k but with our help is now only paying $100 a month! The Collection Statues will run before […]

Sep 16

Over $350K Liability Complaint Successfully Resolved by BC Tax

This client came aboard with BC Tax needing help after having numerous Federal Tax Liens filed against him. He had a liability to the IRS of over $350,000 spanning from 2008 through 2013. BC Tax was able to negotiate on behalf of the client with the Appeals Division of the IRS numerous times before successfully […]

Aug 16

Successful Negotiations with IRS Secured Client Affordable Resolution

A client came on board with BC Tax in January 2016, owing roughly $78,000 to the IRS. After financial analysis with the client and extensive negotiations with the IRS, BC Tax was able to establish a Partial Pay Installment Agreement of only $50/month with the IRS. This extremely affordable resolution that BC Tax negotiated and […]

Aug 16

BC Tax Negotiates a 90% Savings for Washington Business

BC Tax helped a Washington state business save close to 90% of the original debt to the State Department of Revenue. The client owed roughly $33,000 for Use Tax and/or Deferred Sales Tax for a four year period going back to 2011. With our experienced staff and their strong negotiation skills we were able to […]

Jul 16

BC Tax Helps Client Secure Affordable Payment Plan

BC Tax was able to successfully resolve a recent client’s case by securing an affordable payment plan for their back taxes. The client originally owed $95,325. However, with the services provided by BC Tax, the client now has secured a payment plan of only $50 a month.

May 16

BC Tax Helps Client Save Over $123,000

The original balance of the liability was a little over $330,000.00 for 10 periods of 941 taxes. We initially submitted penalty abatements a few months back, however, the taxpayer needed to correct some documents. Once they were corrected, submitted, processed, and posted we submitted the request again in January of this year. We had successfully […]